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GWI Services

We support global companies, international agencies, NGOs and central & local governments, in exploring, designing and implementing policies and practices that improve the wellbeing of employees, citizens and communities.

We combine Axia Origin’s outcome-driven analytical expertise with the Barrett Academy’s thought leadership to deliver state of the art reports and outputs on national and global wellbeing that help to drive real change - taking into account values, culture and leadership.

A robust three-step approach

We take an evidence-based approach at each step of this three-stage process:

  1. Explore
  2. Design
  3. Implement

These are all underpinned by a robust approach to measurement and evaluation.  

Evaluating the effectiveness of your policies and interventions around your wellbeing strategy will be crucial in understanding future programmes of work and identifying areas of focus. This isa key step that can often be overlooked.

We will map your current measurement system to the 7 Levels of the Barrett Model, using the GWI as a starting point. This will give a full-spectrum measurement model to evaluate your current and future wellbeing strategy.

A meaningful benchmark

The GWI provides a holistic view of global and national wellbeing. We explore the strengths and opportunities for improvement within a nation (or group of nations) across the 7 Levels of theBarrett Model and 17 Global Wellbeing Indicators – benchmarking against similar countries to identify areas for policy and intervention changes that aim to improve wellbeing.

We are experts in breaking down problems and designing measurement systems

Working with your policy experts and advisors, we will help you shape and define how you measure the impact of the policy or programme of work that is to be implemented.

Using Theory of Change methodology allows us to understand the impact on high level outcomes from specific outputs and activities. We will help you understand, identify and define the metrics and data required to effective track impact – starting with the GWI and going down to regional, local and activities specific measures.

During the roll-out and implementation phase, we provide independent strategic support and analytics expertise to ensure progress is measured and action is taken where appropriate and necessary.

We specialise in the re-use of data that is already collected, either internally by organisations, open data or social data. Using these techniques, we will build on the metrics already identified –providing robust analytics and decision science techniques to ensure decisions are evidence based.

To values-aligned leaders – start here

The information that follows is intended for leaders wishing to develop evidence-based insights and actions to improve wellbeing in their nation.

There are 3 steps to develop a National Wellbeing Report you can use:

  1. Indicate the country you would like to focus on
  2. Select the countries you would like to compare against
  3. Share a few details on what you are hoping to learn from the report

We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to start using reports generated using the Global Wellbeing Indicator.

Ultimately, we believe evidence-based projects and programmes are needed to drive the wellbeing improvements needed globally - and quantified insights from the GWI can certainly help.  

We are seeking leaders in all sectors who are trying to find the transformational step to make the topic of wellbeing as evidence-based and robust as possible.

By completing the 3 steps listed, we will be able to return to you a slide deck that reports key findings from the GWI –email your response to      

Order your National Wellbeing Report

The cost of a National Wellbeing Report is £2,500 + VAT.

To make it as easy as possible, and hopefully earn the opportunity to understand your objectives and discuss projects and programmes you may need help with, we would like to offer this initial output at a radically discounted cost: £2,500 + VAT ($3,460 USD).

For this cost, we will generate the initial report requested and spend a total of 2 days of effort refining the output so you can use it with Governmental / Board stakeholders. We guarantee the team completing the report will be Pamela Doherty and Tim Ip, supported by Richard Barrett.

Going beyond the National Wellbeing Report

To set expectations for the professional support services you might wish to take into account in your planning, we believe a vital missing link in the global approach to wellbeing is the implementation of robustly analytical and evidence-based projects and programmes.

There is an absence of structured project designs for wellbeing that use the conventions and standards of the global consulting sector, to reach the scale and quality of output needed to drive enterprise- or Government-level business cases. We have developed a consulting approach for wellbeing experienced senior leaders will recognise as robustly structured, tightly governed, impressively evidence-based and obviously output-focused.

If you would like the next level of detail and an estimation of total duration and cost, please email      




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